Are you ready to become an Alumni?
Before you transition to the WAG Alumni program, we want to ensure that you are truly ready.

Working with your WAG coach has provided you with strategies and skills for how you approach eating and making sure that when you do venture out on your own, you continue to be successful.

After working with over 10,000 people we learned what skills, challenges, and experiences are required to make a positive relationship with food and weight management sustainable over time.

We want you to get the most out of your weekly check-ins with your coach before moving onto the Alumni program. Remember, there is always room to grow and your coach will still be there for you in the Alumni program, but now their focus is more towards helping you be self sufficient and to help you implement and apply all that you have learnt with them.
In the end we imagine you being ready to take off on your own with no more “hand holding”!

We’ve compiled a checklist for you to assess yourself. It is important to be extremely honest with yourself; do you need more time with your coach or are ready to dive into a more independent approach? No one will be grading your response, this is just for you to ensure that you are taking the next step with complete confidence.

Remember, this is a lifestyle and we never fully arrive.
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You scored really high and it looks like you're ready to join the Alumni! If you've been with WAG for 6+ consecutive months, you'll be able to opt-in when you log into Seismic!
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Your score shows us that you may benefit from more time spent ​working with your coach on a weekly basis before transitioning to the Alumni Program. Keep up the amazing work and you'll be ready in no time!
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